Albert Park

  • Held by: Martin Foley – Australian Labor Party
  • Since: 2007 by-election caused by Deputy Premier John Thwaites resignation from Parliament
  • Swing at 2010 election: -7.6 per cent against Labor (state-wide -5.96 per cent)
  • Redistribution details: Lost Elwood, and a strip of high rise developments between Queens Road and St Kilda Road. It gained land between Barkley Street, Carlisle Street and St Kilda Road. This has reduced Labor’s margin from 2.1 per cent to just 0.9 per cent.
  • Size of electorate: 21.6 sq. km

KEY COMMENTS: A fast changing and diverse inner-urban electorate in which poverty sits side by side with wealth, and older residents are being displaced by high-rise towers.  At the centre of future development plans, incorporating the new Fishermans Bend Urban Renewal area.

“Weapons of mass construction” transform vital marginal seat for Labor

Anchored around the wide open space that gives it its name, the inner-city electorate of Albert Park  was created in 1889 and today is one of the most marginal Labor-held seats in the Victorian lower house.

The suburbs closest to the CBD are increasingly affected by developers who, according to local Catholic priest and community figure Father Bob Maguire, should “stop acting like everywhere they develop is terra nullius” because those who already live there are displaced.

Father Bob describes the cranes that loom over sections of Albert Park as “weapons of mass construction”, and the residential towers that follow as a mixed blessing. They represent investment, development and progress. But they also create insular, gated communities – dormitories for people who work and live somewhere else…

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Candidate profiles


Across the road from Labor candidate Mr Martin Foley’s electorate office is a construction site where 36 new units are being built. Development is everywhere in this electorate and the real estate agents are…
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Green Party candidate David Collis has lived all over Melbourne, and been the party’s candidate in four elections before this one, contesting local, state and federal polls. He has been unsuccessful in every attempt.
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Shannon Eeles - Liberal candidate for Albert Park Ms Shannon Eeles was drawn to politics only recently, having experienced positive contact with the Liberal Party as the founder and Director of The Centre for Inclusive Schooling of Children with Autism (CISCA).
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Steven Armstrong might be an independent candidate, but he is not hiding the fact that he is a ‘creature of the Sustainable Population Party’ – a federal political party that seeks to stabilise Australia’s population at 26 million by 2050.
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James Hurley joined the Sex Party recently, but has been a supporter of it since it was founded in 2009. This state election will be his first as a candidate for any party. Mr Hurley does not live in the electorate or anywhere nearby.
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Family First have declined to allow any media interviews with candidates, and all candidates have party member Shane Clark, the Family First candidate for the South Metropolitan Region, listed as their contact.
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Tex Perkins is a busy man. The famous rocker declared himself a candidate in the Victorian election to fight for the future of the Palais Theatre, before effectively bowing out of the race a little over a week later.
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Albert Park news

Bus route changes disadvantage Port Melbourne residents

By Scott Tibballs. Public Transport Victoria’s efforts to untangle the bus routes of Melbourne have made the lives of some Port Melbourne residents harder. Routes servicing Port Melbourne no longer continue through the CBD to other destinations, but terminate in areas not helpful for commuters, say some residents.

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Pundits and journalists predict a Labor win

By Scott Tibballs. While political experts may be coy in predicting the outcome of the upcoming State election, audience members at Melbourne University’s ‘Victoria Decides’ forum were almost certain that the Liberals will be ousted.

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