• Held by: Elizabeth Miller (Liberal)
  • Since: 2010
  • Swing at 2010 election: 7.1 per cent to Liberal
  • Redistribution details: Bentleigh gained Hampton East and parts of Brighton East and lost parts of Bentleigh East in last year’s changes to electoral boundaries, increasing the Liberal margin slightly to an estimated 0.9 per cent.
  • Size of electorate: 21.4 sq kms

KEY COMMENTS: Bentleigh is mostly a bellwether seat taken by the party that wins the election. Liberal MP Elizabeth Miller’s victory in the seat in 2010 confirmed the fall of the Brumby government. Miller was in the news recently after comments seen to be at odds with her party on development in residential zones. She is expected to struggle against a predicted statewide swing to Labor and strong ALP candidate.

Electorate profile

The south eastern electorate of Bentleigh has mostly been a bellwether seat, falling to the winning party except when held by the ALP in opposition in 1979 and the Liberals in 1999.

It proved true to its bellwether status – a term taken from the practice of placing a bell on a castrated ram to lead the flock – when its loss by the ALP at the 2010 state election confirmed the Coalition had toppled the Brumby government.

Now, with polls suggesting a statewide swing against the Coalition, the 21.4 square kilometre electorate named for a controversial former Premier Thomas Bent, is a key seat.

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Candidate profiles


Last year’s changes to electoral boundaries slightly increased the estimated Liberal margin in her seat. But MP Elizabeth Miller still has a tight race on her hands. A statewide swing to Labor could…
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Labor candidate Nick Staikos plays down questions over the extent of his future political ambitions. Insisting that he only aspires to be ‘a good long-term member for Bentleigh’, he dismisses…
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Sofia Telemzouguer was in the news earlier this year after United Energy cut off her power after she removed a smart meter in her home fearing it was undermining her health. ‘I had to throw out any perishable…
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Greens candidate Sean Mulcahy is not about to say whether his preferences will go to Labor or the Liberals. Mulcahy says his party will decide choice close to the election date, making sure its membership has a say on support…
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On the back of Chandra Ojha’s business card is a caution: ‘If you lean to the Left, you may fall down. If you lean to the Right, you may fall down. Let’s all stand together to move forward.’ The Indian migrant, who has studied…
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Bentleigh news

Betting in Bentleigh

The Coalition plans to introduce voluntary pre-commitment technology on gaming machines across Victoria by the end of 2015. The State Government has said this system will encourage responsible gambling by allowing gamblers to set limits for themselves. The Labor Party’s current policy focuses on working with the industry and experts to prevent and minimize harm, as well as providing support to problem gamblers. Swinburne’s Nakita Marendaz explored some of these difficult questions in the electorate of...

Better buses for Bentleigh

The call for better buses is a big issue in Bentleigh. The route 703 bus is arguably its main bus service, operating along Centre Road, from Middle Brighton to Blackburn via Clayton and Monash University. Although tagged as a SmartBus, the route 703 fails to meet the government’s own SmartBus standards. Bentleigh candidates and residents are lobbying to fix the service. Lesley Pianella of Swinburne University...

Why CCTV cameras are an election issue in Bentleigh

In the 2010 state election the liberal candidate for Bentleigh Elizabeth Miller, promised the Bentleigh electorate that she would deliver $150,000 for CCTV cameras on the main shopping strip in Centre Road Bentleigh. After she was elected the money was delivered but the Glen Eira council opted not to use it for CCTV cameras. The council claimed the ongoing costs would be too great. Not surprisingly there’s been much debate about the cameras since the idea was rejected. Reporter Bridget Northeast spoke to the people of Bentleigh about this curious local...