• Held by: Ian Tresize (ALP)
  • Since: 1999 (retiring at 2014 election)
  • Swing at 2010 election: -6.19 against Labor
  • Redistribution details: The Geelong electorate has shifted anti-clockwise around Corio Bay, losing northern industrial areas to Lara, and Highton to South Barwon. The electorate has gained the Labor voting areas of Newcomb and Whittington (formerly Bellarine), and has also gained parts of Belmont from South Barwon. The redistribution has increased Labor’s margin from 2.1 per cent to an estimated 4.0 per cent.
  • Size of electorate: 45 sqkm

KEY COMMENTS: Residents have flagged employment as a key issue for the electorate, heading into this year’s state election. Traditionally a manufacturing hub, the decline of the manufacturing industry has seen a huge rise in unemployment in Geelong. The unemployment rate was 10.5 per cent in July, compared with a statewide average of 6.6 per cent.

Electorate profile

The Geelong electorate has been held by both the Labor and Liberal party in its long history. In 1992 Liberal MP Ann Henderson won the seat, which she held until 1999. In that year Labor’s Ian Trezise was elected, winning by just 16 votes. He was re-elected in 2002, 2006 and in 2010, when he won with a narrow margin of 2.1 per cent. With Ian Trezise retiring at the end of this term, 2014 is expected to be close.

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Geelong news

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As a fading manufacturing and industrial centre, Geelong is suffering acute unemployment exacerbated by cuts to the TAFE sector and declining local facilities generally. The youth of the region are especially hard hit. Despite what most observers see as a deepening crisis, the topic has not been widely discussed during the campaign. Soothing words about “transitions” and emerging service industries to replace the disappearing jobs offer little practical support or solutions for the today’s unemployed and under- educated young people. Dragana Mrkaja from RMIT University reveals some of the pain and despair being experienced by some typical young people in... read more

Geelong jobs crisis

Is Geelong and its immediate region Victoria’s Detroit? Some say it is “in transition”. Others maintain this traditional manufacturing city is facing economic and social collapse. As the local car industry winds down and upstream suppliers search for diversification including “clean” fabrication of products such as solar panels, there seems to be an emerging consensus that Geelong’s key opportunities for continuing viability lie with the service industries. From RMIT University, Geelong resident, Michael Walsh, reports on the Geelong jobs... read more