• Held by: Joanne Duncan, Labor
  • Since: 2002 (although Duncan was first elected to the now superseded seat of Gisborne in 1999)
  • Swing at 2010 election: – 6.9 per cent
  • Redistribution details: Macedon has shed the outer Melbourne suburb of Sunbury at its south west corner, allowing it to expand dramatically to the north and west and absorb the towns of Daylesford, Kyneton and Trentham. Its notional Labor margin has grown from a tight 1.3per cent to around 2.3 per cent.
  • Size of electorate: 3645 sq kms

KEY COMMENTS: Neither of the 2010 candidates for Labor or Liberal are standing in Macedon in 2014. Labor’s Joanne Duncan is retiring after 15 years as the local MP. The Liberal candidate in 2010 was one Tristan Weston, who these days is persona non grata in the Coalition after his unedifying role in the departure of Police Commissioner Simon Overland. Now it seems the seat is viewed as a consolation prize. The new Liberal candidate is Donna Petrovich, who was an Upper House MP until she resigned last year to unsuccessfully contest the federal seat of McKewan. The redistribution isn’t favourable for the Liberals but she is arguably better known than her new Labor rival, Mary-Anne Thomas, who moved to the electorate after trying and failing to win pre-selection in the federal inner city seat of Batman last year.

Macedon news

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The fight over windfarms in Macedon

Windfarms are a big deal in the seat of Macedon. The Ballieu Coalition Government legislated for a blanket ban on windfarms within two kilometers of a residential zone.Some in this electorate oppose windfarms on aesthetic, health and fire-risk grounds. Supporters simply want a choice and see this form of renewable energy as inevitable and good for local jobs and the environment. Both sides invoke “community” to justify their positions. Sumeyya Ilanbey from RMIT University reports on a rural electorate facing one of the most contentious of... read more