• Held by: Daniel Andrews (ALP)
  • Since: 2002
  • Swing at 2010 election: -7.1%
  • Redistribution details: Mulgrave’s status as a safe Labor seat has taken a hit because of the 2012/13 redistribution. the seat has lost areas around Springvale Road to Oakleigh and parts of Noble Park North and Dandenong North. It has accumulated thousands of voters in the pro-Liberal areas of Wheelers Hill. The Labor margin has plummeted as a consequence from 8.5% to approximately 2.4%
  • Size of electorate: 31 sq kms

KEY COMMENTS: Daniel Andrews will rely on his near-celebrity status as Opposition Leader to counter the effects of the redistribution on his electorate. In 2010 he suffered a two-party preferred swing of 7.1 per cent against him so he will aim to win some of this back this time round. The issues of transport, health, education and the cost of living resonate in this ethnically diverse outer-eastern seat.

Daniel Andrews’ seat of Mulgrave is now marginal

Mulgrave has been safely held by the Opposition Leader Daniel Andrews since it replaced the seat of Dandenong North in 2002. However, the recent electoral redistribution has transformed the seat so that Labor’s notional margin is now just 2.4 per cent. The Liberal Party and the Greens have seized the opportunity to make Mulgrave a new battleground. The Greens claim to have knocked on over 10,000 doors in the southeast, while Liberal Candidate Robert Davies has regularly attended events, shopping centres and residential streets to ingratiate himself with locals. Matilda Marozzi, from RMIT University, went to Mulgrave to find out about residents’ concerns. While transport, education and health are important issues, many voters find it hard to go past the rising cost of living.



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As well as being Opposition Leader, Daniel Andrews is also the member for Mulgrave. The 2012-2013 electoral redistribution has left his seat more marginal and is now notionally held by Labor with a 2.4 per cent margin. RMIT student Matilda Marozzi spoke to the…
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Mulgrave news

Andrews holds Mulgrave and takes Victoria

MATILDA MAROZZI Labor leader, Daniel Andrews, has held his seat and taken the office of Premier after the party’s convincing win in yesterday’s election. ‘The people of Victoria have given us the greatest of gifts,’ Mr Andrews told Labor faithful as he claimed victory shortly after 10pm last night. ‘We will not let them down.’ With two-thirds of the vote counted, Mr Andrews has gained a 2.4 per cent swing towards Labor in the seat of Mulgrave, doubling his notional hold on the electorate. Despite concerted campaigning, Liberal candidate and local councillor for Mulgrave, Robert Davies, attracted only 41 per cent of the primary vote, a 2.4 per cent swing against the Liberal party. The Greens attracted approximately 7 per cent of the vote, ahead of Family First (2.4 per cent) and Rise Up Australia (1.5 per cent). Greens candidate, Josh Fergeus, says he is feeling ‘pretty good’ despite early figures indicating a slight swing against the Greens in Mulgrave. ‘I think we’ll have essentially have retained our vote from the last election, which, given the redistribution and the addition of a few more conservative areas, is a pretty good result,’ Mr Fergeus said. According to Mr Fergeus, the Greens’ historic win in Melbourne, as well as promising figures in the upper house, show the party has cut through with voters. ‘We’ve well and truly broken through now,’ Mr Fergeus told UniPollWatch. ‘We are in contention in a few contests in the Legislative Assembly and I think we’ve achieved our goal of putting Nina Springle right in there with a chance … in the Legislative Council.’ Mr Davies was contacted for comment... read more

All politics is local, even in the alternative premier’s seat of Mulgrave

As the alternative premier, Daniel Andrews is busy campaigning on statewide issues. But many of the voters in his eastern suburbs seat of Mulgrave are much more worried about local matters, such as the promised Rowville rail line and the lack of facilities in the district for women playing AFL football. RMIT University’s Abbie O’Brien went to the electorate to talk to local residents and experts about their... read more

Daniel Andrews talks to UniPollWatch

As well as being Opposition Leader, Daniel Andrews is also the member for Mulgrave. The 2012-2013 electoral redistribution has left his seat more marginal and is now notionally held by Labor with a 2.4 per cent margin. RMIT student  Matilda Marozzi spoke to the alternative Premier about his electorate, as well as cost of living pressures, the East-West link, Rowville Rail and whether changing his name to ‘Dan’ has helped voters remember... read more

Daniel Andrews and opponent decline Mulgrave debate

By Matilda Marozzi A debate planned between Opposition Leader Daniel Andrews and the Liberal Candidate for Mulgrave was cancelled after neither party could make time to participate. President of Monash Ratepayers Inc. Des Olin had been planning the debate since February and had booked a room for October 13 at the Mulgrave Country Club. ‘I’m ashamed of all the political parties,’ Mr Olin told UniPollWatch. ‘They’ve let us down, the people of Victoria, by not participating in these kinds of debates.’ Over the last eight months Mr Olin made numerous approaches to Andrews’ secretary and the Liberal candidate Robert Davies. ‘The response from Robert Davies was that he wasn’t interested in doing a debate,’ Mr Olin said. ‘Daniel let me down also. ‘He wasn’t sure when he was going to be available so it was hard for me to pin him down to a permanent day or time.’ In a statement Mr Andrews said he was ‘committed to debate the local issues with the other candidates for the seat of Mulgrave’. ‘It’s a shame a date couldn’t be found but every Mulgrave voter will have a clear choice on Election Day.’ Robert Davies told UniPollWatch he ‘wasn’t too enthusiastic about’ the debate, but would have participated if there were strict rules and structures in place. Mr Olin was surprised at the candidates’ reluctance after getting a ‘good response in the federal area’ last year when he organised a debate between the Labor Member for Bruce Alan Griffin alongside the Liberal, Greens and Palmer United Party candidates. ‘There are only about 500 votes between winning and losing. I would have... read more