• Held by: Newly formed seat being contested for the first time.
  • Current Sunbury MP Candidates: Josh Bull (ALP), Jo Hogan (Liberal), Charles Williams (Australian Christians)
  • Swing at 2010 election: Predictive stats found Labor would have held a 6.5 per cent majority if Sunbury had been an electorate in the 2010 election.
  • Redistribution details: The area comprising the newly formed Sunbury electorate was formerly within the seats of Yuroke and Macedon. The two electoral borders were drawn up along Deep Creek and Sunbury now holds the south-east corner of Macedon and the southern part of Yuroke.
  • Size of electorate: 341.5 sq. km

KEY COMMENTS: Sunbury is in desperate need of better transport links to Melbourne’s CBD as it is one of the major growth corridors in Melbourne’s north. It currently supports Metro rail but as a single track only.

Roads are under increased pressure as Melbourne grows, with Sunbury Road in particular need of upgrades or duplication.

Youth crime is also an issue, and employment levels are below the state average. Education funding is also under the microscope this coming election.

Electorate profile

The town of Sunbury has been absorbed by Melbourne’s suburban expansion and now sits within Victoria’s Urban Growth Boundary. The area has historically been a Labor stronghold but experienced a swing towards the Liberal Party in 2010.

The newly formed electorate incorporates the growing north-west suburbs of Melbourne including Sunbury, Diggers Rest, Bulla, Gladstone Park, Tullamarine and Westmeadows.

There are currently three candidates running for the new seat. Labor candidate Josh Bull has never run for government after previously working as a teacher in Sunbury and as a staffer for Labor MP Rob Mitchell. Liberal candidate Jo Hagan is also running for the first time, and the Australian Christian party recently announced that candidate Charles Williams will also be contesting the electorate.

The seat of Sunbury is being contested for the first time.

The seat of Sunbury is being contested for the first time.

Candidate profiles


Josh Bull is the fresh-faced Labor candidate who wants to bring change to the newly created electorate in Melbourne’s northwest.
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Years spent living locally, experience in four different industries and a keen eye for detail – Jo Hagan has potential in the seat of Sunbury.
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One-time Labor candidate, Charles Williams has brought himself out of political retirement to contest the seat of Sunbury for the Australian Christians.
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Hume Councillor Jack Medcraft has told UniPollWatch that he will stand as an Independent candidate for the seat of Sunbury in the upcoming November state election.
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