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November 28, 2014 – 2:50PM

By Keryn Reynolds

Mr Liam Hastie, Sex Party candidate for Wendouree. PICTURE: SUPPLIED

Mr Liam Hastie, Sex Party candidate for Wendouree. PICTURE: SUPPLIED

Mr Liam Hastie wants you to know that both he and the Sex Party Australia, ‘give a f**k.’

He says he running as the candidate in Wendouree, because he wants to give the Sex Party a ‘voice in regional Victoria’.

He wants 24-hour public transport, because ‘We give a f**k about you getting home at 4.00am’.

On the same theme, he also gives a f**k about separating the Church and State, your final wishes (vote euthanasia), that you prefer a natural order (vote medical marijuana), people may care about the birds and the bees (vote environment), that God doesn’t pay land tax (vote Churches to pay land tax), the emergency room has become a waiting room (vote better health), and that you care about Mary Jane (vote decriminalization of drugs)

And Mr Hastie also wants you to ‘rock n’ roll all night and party all day’ (vote live music).

UniPollWatch has not been able to interview Mr Hastie, so the information here is drawn from public information, including the Sex Party website and Mr Hastie’s public Facebook site.

Mr Hastie also wants more education to address Australian attitudes to violence against women, ‘better, more broad sex education’ in schools, he supports the global reform of drug laws and dying with dignity

He’s a secularist and rationalist, who supports the Rationistist Society of Australia, saying, ‘You would think that in Australia in 2014, secularism would be more readily accepted but unfortunately we still have a long way to go. We at the Sex Party realise the importance of keeping religion and politics separate and endorse the promotion of rationalism.’

He wants buffer zones around abortion clinics in Victoria, the fairer placement of speed cameras and common sense enforcement of speed limits, as ‘Victorians are sick and tired of revenue raising.’

In October he took part in the ‘Ballarat Open Mic Comedy’ monthly show.

It seems he might like to dabble in gambling, encouraging ‘any Ballarat poker sharks willing to travel’ to head to a local poker tournament last month.

He thinks sex-work should be decriminalised, as it’s not different ‘to any other profession.’

On mental health issues, he posted ‘Regional and remote services are inadequately funded, difficult to access and inconsistently delivered. Coupled with the cultural stigma of mental illness in country people in general and men in FB 2/11/14particular, this leads to higher incidence of drug and alcohol abuse and higher levels of domestic violence.’

He also wants to keep the current weekly number of methadone doses available to those with opioid dependences,

He seems to support cage-fighting in Victoria, posting that ‘the current ban is an absurd contradiction of common sense’,

He thinks Western Victoria could ‘potentially benefit economically from industrial hemp’ and wants to ‘remove barriers to the industrial hemp industry, allowing for more competitive hemp products.’

‘Cannabis cultivation would be a great way to create much needed local jobs,’ Mr Hastie posted.

The party wants to decriminalise all drugs for personal use and in a media release yesterday it called for stronger funding of Victoria’s harm reduction and alcohol and other drugs sector.

Sex Party president, Ms Fiona Patten, said the funding solution ‘Could be easily met through the regulation of recreational cannabis, which will mean Victorians save on enforcement and court costs, while netting between $150 – $300 million in expected tax revenue over one year.’

‘Decriminalisation of all other drugs for personal use will also mean a saving on enforcement and court costs,’ Ms. Patten said.

The Sex Party also wants prohibitions on ‘drug paraphernalia, such as bongs’ removed, so the purchase and consumption of ‘psychoactive substances,’ is safer.

The party supports the complete cessation of the chaplaincy program in government secondary schools, says private schools should not be exempt from anti-discrimination laws and it wants age appropriate sex and relationship education from Prep to Year 10 in schools.

Sex Party policies also state it’s committed to constitutional reform including abolishing the monarchy, wants to establish a special court to deal with cases of domestic and sexual violence, the reintroduction of suspended sentences and amendments to Freedom of Information laws to make public service documents available and easily accessible to all.

On public transport, the party supports the East West Link but wants the second Maribyrnong River Crossing prioritised over the Royal Park road tunnel. It wants a dedicated airport link and a north/south train line connecting the eastern radial lines.

The party is against rolling back abortion laws in Victoria and has warned voters that criminalising abortion could become a reality, if religious conservatives gain the balance of power in the upper house.

The Sex Party accepts that climate change is real.  It wants to reduce emissions to ‘near zero’ and draw down existing greenhouse gases as fast as possible as ‘The future of our energy sector has to be renewables.’

The Sex Party website provides an overview of all their candidates, including Mr Hastie.

Here’s the full profile on Mr Hastie drawn from the Sex Party site:

‘Liam Hastie currently works at a factory with a degree in psychological science. Liam considers himself somewhat of an amateur cultural critic and satirist, while also being partial to the more simple pleasures shared by many of his fellow regional Victorians such as country football and enjoying a few cold frothies.

Liam has been a supporter of the Australian Sex Party since it’s origin, but has only recently become involved. He has always found his own political and ethical beliefs to be very much in line with the Sex Party’s ethos.

Liam is passionate about making decisions based on evidence and reason rather than convention and tradition. He would like to see the next generation of Victorians grow up to be tolerant, critical thinkers who appreciate cultural diversity and are wary of bigotry and ignorance.

Liam realises the value of equality and is enthusiastic in the fight against social conservatism. He is confident that the Sex Party’s popularity will continue to grow for many decades to come.’

The profile does not say if Mr Hastie lives in the electorate of Wendouree, or not, but in his YouTube video he says he’s ‘lived in the country all his life’.

In Wendouree, the Sex Party has preferenced Labor second, followed by the Greens, Country Alliance, Liberals, Family First and the Rise Up Australia party, last.


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Keryn Reynolds is a Master of Journalism student at the University of Melbourne