News Corporation ‘a protection racket’ for Liberal Party, says Wayne Swan

September 18, 2014 – 10:15AM

Words by Keryn Reynolds

News Corporation newspapers ‘run a protection racket for the Liberal Government’ the former federal Treasurer, Mr Wayne Swan, told a Ballarat audience last night.

Speaking at an event to publicise his new book The Good Fight at the Museum of Australian Democracy at Eureka, Mr Swan said News Corporation flagship newspapers are ‘Liberal pamphlets used in attack mode to achieve objectives principally of the Liberal federal government.’ He accused the media group of ‘straight out political bias and thuggery.’

In his book, Mr Swan recalls how he guided Australia through the global financial crisis and discusses ALP leadership battles between former Prime Ministers, Kevin Rudd and Julia Gillard. Last month The Australian called the book launch, ‘the return of Wayne’s World.’

Mr Swan was optimistic on the economic outlook for Australia. Technology challenges in the global manufacturing industry, particular the car industry, meant future jobs were dependent on giving youth the ‘best possible education and training system as possible,’ he said.

Mr Swan also accused the current federal government of waging ‘intergenerational warfare’ with the proposed changes to health and higher education.

Yesterday Labor’s candidate for the marginal seat of Buninyong, Mr Geoff Howard MP, told UniPollWatch that he believes federal government policies on education, increases to HECS and GP co-payments will “significantly” influence voters in the Victorian state election.

Victoria’s Buninyong and Wendouree electorates, centered on Ballarat, are two of the most marginal seats in Victoria. Key issues in both electorates are youth unemployment and access to affordable education and training. ( @kerynbuninyong)