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November 28, 2014 – 3:00PM

By Keryn Reynolds

Ms Sheila O'Shea, Rise Up candidate for Wendouree. PICTURE: SUPPLIED

Ms Sheila O’Shea, Rise Up candidate for Wendouree. PICTURE: SUPPLIED

Rise Up Victoria lower house candidates are a mixed bag of interesting people. They range from busy mums, to charity volunteers, foster carers, teachers, disability support workers, maternal nurses and counsellors.

The Rise Up party website provides an overview of all their candidates, including Ms Sheila O’Shea.

To date, Rise Up has not responded to a UniPollWatch request to interview Ms O’Shea.

But an Internet search reveals a few facts.

According to the party’s website, Ms O’Shea is running for the lower house seat of ‘Wendourie’ in ‘the district of Ballarat’.

The correct name of the electoral district is Wendouree.

Ms O’Shea lives in ‘Central Victoria.’ That means she may live in the electorate, or not.

She is a former primary school teacher, possibly retired, who is now participating in ‘social and self-help groups in her local area’.

She attends the local Baptist Church.

She’s running in Wendouree because she’s concerned that the ‘Judeo Christian’ values Australia was built on have disappeared, and she is particularly concerned about late term abortions in Victoria.

Here is the full profile on Ms O’Shea, drawn from the Rise Up site:

‘Wendourie District. 

‘Sheila O’Shea was born to a working class family who immigrated to Australia from the United Kingdom. Sheila’s English mother and Irish father who left their homeland to seek a better life in Australia settled in a small country town in southern NSW.  Her father worked in construction while her mother stayed at home to care for her growing family of ten children, of which Sheila is the fourth eldest.

‘Sheila spent her childhood and early adult years living in NSW and QLD.  She successfully completed secondary school and worked hard at her tertiary studies, earning herself a Diploma of Teaching. She graduated as a primary school teacher, teaching predominantly in the State of Queensland.

‘After Sheila had married and gave birth to her first daughter she moved to Melbourne where her second daughter was born.  Sheila now enjoys country town life, living in Central Victoria and being actively involved in the Community where she helps and participates in social and self-help groups in her local area.  She also attends the local Baptist Church.

‘Sheila decided to stand as a candidate for the Rise Up Australia party because she is concerned that the Judeo Christian values that this nation was founded on have all, but disappeared from our modern societies.  Sheila believes that life is precious and that society should be working to preserve and improve life from the womb to the tomb. She is especially concerned about the up to 9 month, late term abortion laws in Victoria. Sheila joins Rise Up Australia Party in their stand to fight for abortion reform and family values, to stop Late Term abortions where babies are cruelly and inhumanly pulled from their mother’s wombs without even being given anaesthetic.

Sheila O’Shea is standing as a lower house candidate in the district of Ballarat.’

Rise Up policies include a ten-year moratorium on Islamic immigration because unless action is taken now, ‘Today’s youngsters will end their lives under Muslim rule,’ Mr Daniel Nalliah, the Rise Up party leader and national president of Catch the Fire ministries, says.

Rise Up policy principles include opposition to multiculturalism, they want to limit and reduce foreign ownership of Australian assets including land, dismantle ‘unjust and oppressive taxes’ including payroll tax, ‘re-establish’ the manufacturing industry and develop ‘prudent tariffs’.

Speaking on multiculturalism last week Mr Nalliah said, ‘If we go down the current road of multiculturalism, soon the silent majority in the West will lose all their rights and start feeling that they are foreigners in their own land. We must rise up against political correctness and fight for the future of our sons and daughters. We must stand up now and protect Australia to Keep Australia Australian for generations to come.’

Last month he said, ‘I have been warning Australia and the west for the past 15 years of the evil of fundamentalist Islam… Islam is a death cult, just not ISIS or Al-Qaeda.’

Recently the party launched a campaign to ‘protect babies being killed by abortion in Victoria from being tortured by abortionists during the death procedure.’

At the time Mr Nalliah said, ‘unborn puppies had more rights in Victoria than unborn children of our own species. It was unacceptable that in a society that called itself civilized unborn children should not only be killed but tortured before they were killed.’

The party rejects any suggestion that Sharia law has a place in Australia; it wishes to eliminate ‘counter-productive welfare payments’ and it supports faith-based schools being allowed to employ only people with similar values.

The party is sceptical about climate-change describing it as ‘ideological environmental mantras’ based on ‘a quasi-religious hypothesis unproven by objective scientific facts.’

Rise Up policies include protecting the ‘traditional family unit, comprising man, woman and children, promoting marriage (as defined in the Marriage Act, 2004**)’, rejecting the promotion of homosexuality in schools and public, opposition to same-sex marriage, and reductions in gambling, street prostitution and pornography.

The party is opposed to the theory of evolution, stating on Facebook: ‘Evolution caters to abortion and eugenics agendas, by fleeing all moral responsibility’ and       ‘… “Climate Change”… makes heroes out of genocidal maniacs like David Attenborough. On current figures, “men” like Attenborough and “Q&A” regular Peter Singer would delight in bumping off 6,736,365,000 people to save the earth [a global popn. of 500 million being more to their taste].’

In August, Rise Up, the Australian Christians and the Democratic Labor Party signed a preference agreement based on ‘shared values’ such as being opposed to abortion.

‘If you have three parties working together, bringing a chunk of votes, which will then make Labor or Liberal decide which way they want to go … (then) our vote will count to bringing the next government of Victoria,’ Mr Nalliah said.

Two weeks ago it was reported that the Liberals would preference Rise Up over The Greens, despite Premier Denis Napthine previously calling Rise Up an ‘extremist’ party.

In Wendouree, Rise Up has preferenced Family First second, followed by the Liberals, Country Alliance, Labor, Sex Party and the Greens last.


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