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|Report | Capturing Coalition votes in Carrum | Swinburne |

|Report | All politics is local, even in the alternative premier’s seat of Mulgrave | RMIT |

|Report | The fire threat in Macedon | RMIT |

|Report | Ripon Electorate Profile| RMIT |

|Report | The fight over windfarms in Macedon| RMIT |

|Report | Bentleigh Gamble| Swinburne |

|Report | Jobless in Geelong: a youth perspective | RMIT |

|Report | Richmond reveals tensions of an inner city seat | RMIT |

|Report | Greens vs Labor: Melbourne candidates speak| RMIT |

|Report | The Dingley by-pass and Mordialloc | Swinburne |

|Report | Geelong job crisis| RMIT |

|Report | The fight for Frankston |

|Report | Daniel Andrew’s seat of Mulgrave is marginal |

Mulgrave has been safely held by the Opposition Leader Daniel Andrews since it replaced the seat of Dandenong North in 2002. However, the recent electoral redistribution has transformed the seat so that Labor’s notional margin is now just 2.4 per cent. The Liberal Party and the Greens have seized the opportunity to make Mulgrave a new battleground. The Greens claim to have knocked on over 10,000 doors in the southeast, while Liberal Candidate Robert Davies has regularly attended events, shopping centres and residential streets to ingratiate himself with locals. Matilda Marozzi, from RMIT University, went to Mulgrave to find out about residents’ concerns. While transport, education and health are important issues, many voters find it hard to go past the rising cost of living.

|Report | Burger off and Move On in Monbulk |Swinburne

|Report | Ambos target marginal Carrum | Swinburne |

|Report | MP a no show at the transport forum| Swinburne |

|Report | PSOs in Mordialloc | Swinburne |

|Report | Bentleigh transport | Swinburne |

|Report | School Funding: Mordialloc | Swinburne |

|Report | Monbulk Issues | Swinburne |

|Report | Supporters Swamp Carrum | Swinburne |

|Report | Silvan Station Situation | Swinburne |

|Report | Frankston Rally | Swinburne |

|Report | Education promises for Mordialloc| Swinburne |

|Report |Voices from the New Monbulk | Swinburne |



| Why CCTV cameras in Bentleigh are an election issue | Swinburne |


| Vox Pop | What do you know about Daniel Andrews? | Swinburne |


| Daniel Andrews talks to UniPollWatch | RMIT |

|Report | Better buses for Bentleigh | Swinburne |

|Vox Pop | Should the Napthine government have signed the East West Link contract before the election? | Swinburne |

| Vox Pop | What can you tell us about Denis Napthine? | Swinburne |

|Report | A No frills or Premium Station for the Frankston Line? | Swinburne |

| Labor’s battle to hold Melbourne | Video | Swinburne |

Jennifer Kanis speaks to Unipollwatch’s Rhys Pope about the East West Link, a potential Royal Commission into family violence and what Labor will do if elected in November.




|Bentleigh level crossings|Video|Swinburne |

In the marginal seat of Bentleigh, currently held by the Liberals, the Centre Road level crossing has been problematic for the area for more than two decades.Unipollwatch’s Lesley Pianella visited the electorate to find out why.




| Bentleigh Ice Epidemic | Video | Swinburne |

Bentleigh has seen a drastic increase in the use of methamphetamine, Nakita Marendaz reports.





| East West Link: Brian Coster | Video | Swinburne |

Politics Professor Brian Costar give us his take on the controversial East West Link and how it may affect the chances of all sides in the Victorian State Election.

By Joel Scanlan and Rhys Pope.



| Greek Community in Oakleigh | Video | Swinburne |

Rebecca Ann Fernandes visited the state electorate of Oakleigh to find out more about what it means to be Greek in this swinging seat currently held by Labor.









| Public Transport problems in Mordialloc | Video | Swinburne |

Public transport is a key issue for voters in the state electorate of Mordialloc in Melbourne’s south-east. Unipollwatch’s Untika Sriwatcharin spoke to locals about their concerns ahead of this month’s upcoming state election.


| Monbulk Roads | Video | Swinburne |

Voters in the Yarra Ranges have had enough of rough roads, as Swinburne’s Daniel Pereira reports.



| Cranbourne Redistribution | Video | Swinburne |

The state electorate of Cranbourne in Melbourne’s south-east is one of the fastest growing areas in the state. A recent redistribution of the electorate has seen it shrink significantly, with the suburb of Cranbourne at its centre. Kim Dang McDonald has more.






| Greens Melbourne: Ellen Sandell | Video | Swinburne |

Ellen Sandell speaks to Unipollwatch’s Joel Scanlan on climate change, working for the previous Labor government and what she will do for Melbourne if elected.

| Future for the Murray Darling | Video | Swinburne |

An insight into the views of both sides of parliament heading into this years state election. Who should be trusted with implementing the current scheme for this immense river system, Labor or Liberal?

Thomas Spottiswood.





| State vs Ferderal: Brian’s Take | Video | Swinburne |

Politics Professor Brian Costar talks on how the Federal Governments budget may affect the chances of the Lib/Nat Coalition at the upcoming Victorian Election

By Joel Scanlan and Rhys Pope



| Barber’s Greens Campaign | Video | Swinburne |

By Said Hussein



|East West Link | Video | Swinburne |

The East West Link; vital infrastructure project or a “dud”? Swinburne’s Joel Scanlan, Rhys Pope and Michael Hookey look at the contentious cross-city road project.



| Danielle Green interview| Video | La Trobe |

Labor MP and candidate for Yan Yean, Danielle Green, sat down with UniPollWatch at Parliament House to talk about her political and personal life.



| Law and order funding | Swinburne |


| East West tunnel protest video | UniMelb |

|Bentleigh level crossings|Video|Swinburne |

Level crossings are a key issue in many electorates in the lead up to this month’s state election. In the marginal seat of Bentleigh, currently held by the Liberals, the Centre Road level crossing has been problematic for the area for more than two decades.Unipollwatch’s Lesley Pianella visited the electorate to find out why.

| Greens Party interview | Video | Swinburne |

More minor parties than ever will be contesting seats in the Victorian Parliament at this month’s state election. Unipollwatch spoke to Greens Party spokesperson Kathleen Maltzahn about about public transport, state education and building a city for people not developers.